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Matrix Essentials: Sensoria Care Conditioning Spa Cream Bath Review

A friend of mine spent a week here at my house. She brought a flat hair iron with her. As part of our bonding, she irons my hair everyday and I find hair iron to be amusing because it made my hair frizz-free. The problem arised when my friend have to go home. Without the hair iron, my hair is now back to its wavy form and the worst part is its more frizzy than usual. I know right away that this is because of the straightener. I deep conditioned my hair with Dove Damage Repair Conditioner for remedy but it did not work. After a week, I experienced more hairloss and now my hair is dry and brittle. What I have now is Sensoria Care Conditioning Spa Cream Bath + grapefruit extrac and apricot oil.

What it claims?
Sensoria Care a multi-sensorial spa collection that treats, purifies and balances hair and scalp. Enriched with an essential botanical blend of nourishing Apricot Oil and anti-oxidant Grapefruit Extract.
Leaves hair looking and feeling deeply moisturized, revitalized and conditioned. 
Directions: Apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Distribute evenly and massage thoroughly into hair for 15 minutes. Comb and leave on hair for 10 minutes. Can be used with heat for deep conditioning. Rinse thoroughly. 

I used it as directed like a heavy conditioner, massage from roots to tips and covered it with a shower cap. Rinsed it after 10 minutes.

When my hair dried, it feels soft and clean. Even it has the same consistency like a conditioner, I did not feel greasy at all. It doesn't make the hair shiny and it doesn't claims to do so. :) My hair did not change dramatically (maybe because I only used it once) but its a lot softer and manageable like it was nourished from the inside. It also tamed my frizz just a little and I did not encounter any hair loss while combing.

PROS (장점):
  • It left my hair moisturized, revitalized and conditioned as the product claims.
  • May be used as a conditioner
  • Affordable
CONS (단점):
  • I can't think of any.
RATING (등급):
  • 5 out of 5.  What you read is what you get. 
  • Yes. It is good for rebuilding healthy hair.

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